By Mark

  March 28, 2018 at 8:34 am

It was a sudden insomniac decision to text Natalie when I was in Sydney for a few days on business.

To my pleasure she was free the next evening. We agreed on a meet and greet plus an hour of intimacy.

She arrived on time and we got to know each other over a couple of glasses of red.

I instantly felt comfortable and connected with this beautiful yet down to earth lady.

She’s classy, sexy and a very good listener.

The date naturally progressed to the bedroom and we made love as if we were long term lovers.

The connection was so deep and felt so real which made every moment I spent with her priceless.

Natalie is by far the best experience I have had with an Escort.

Can’t wait to catch up with her again.

Mark xx

From John
I was fortunate to have an extended booking with Natalie and was absolutely captivated with her in every way. She is a pleasure to spend time with in or out of the bedroom and her GFE is second to none. I would encourage anyone who wants to meet a beautiful lady to contact Natalie.

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with Natalie.

It was was an amazing experience. As a more mature man who likes the finer things in life I am particularly cautious in my liaisons.

Natalie it’s one of the most amazing people is have ever meet. The evening was nothing short of fantastic!!

She is engaging, beautiful and funny it’s was a memorable evening

As a gentleman I would not comment on anything else , except to say an evening with Natalie will be something to remember when you review your life!!!


From Jack
It’s been over 12 months in the making but they say good things cum to those that wait and I certainly can’t disagree with that. Loved our chat over a few red wines (appreciate a sexy office worker look) before we eventually it might be best to get into our characters and biy I wasn’t disappointed as sweet sexy and innocent Natalie became naughty and nasty in bed – I loved it – made me want to go longer and harder thanks to Natalie’s encouraging “talk” and I can certainly recommend Natalie to anyone considering to utilise her services. Defintely agree with the comments that the photos don’t do sexy Natalie any justice – so much sexier in the flesh.

XX Stewie G


I really do not want to write this as this Lady is everything and more than the website describes…one of the most amazing and truly beautiful people in the world and she is more beautiful than her photos, really I did not want to leave….it is me who thanks you

I am truly privileged to have meet Natalie

Regards David


My friend recommended Natalie. She said Natalie was the ultimate Lower North Shore domestic sex goddess. And so it was true when I met her. Stylish, poised and wickedly sexy. An amazing courtesan. An elegant companion.
Peter M


I had been eagerly awaiting the time when our paths would cross and, to my delight, Natalie recently accepted my request for a dinner date.
I had been following Natalie on Twitter where she always impressed as a kind and fun loving person. Never an unkind word about anyone.
When we met, as arranged, in the lobby of my hotel, I was gobsmacked by the natural beauty of the woman who was walking towards me.
We completed the formalities over a quick drink in my room and then proceeded to dinner where I found Natalie to be well versed on the many subjects discussed. She has a great sense of humour and made the perfect companion. Although many heads were turned in her direction in the restaurant her attention never wavered.
Upon returning to my room I was blessed with the sight of an amazingly beautiful and fit woman in all her glory and Natalie proved to be a sensual goddess.
I can’t fault this lady in any way and I will definitely be seeing her again and would highly recommend a meeting with the gorgeous Natalie


From JP
I was so crazy excited to learn that Natalie would be visiting my neck of the woods. I excitedly, but always politely, requested to meet her for a 90 minute social date. Her social date is basically a let’s meet up to get to know one another first, no intimacy, but let’s see if we get along, let’s see if we are compatible. Well….. This was simply the greatest decision I have ever made, we got along so fabulous. Natalie is a treat to spend time with, so easy going, relaxed and engaging, I enjoyed every second of her divine company. I asked her for another 90 minute social date later that same day, and a dinner date the following evening. I do believe that by investing the time to get to know one another first, creating that connection that the rewards will follow. Well…. After the 2 social dates and a beautiful dinner, when things heated up …. Sorry but that is between Natalie and I.

Thank you Natalie for a mind blowing experience that covered a couple days, lots of great chit chat, many laughs, amazing seductive looks, passionate embraces, amazing times. Thank you Natalie for the incredible memories I now own.

I highly recommended you politely request to meet Natalie for a social date, for a dinner date, any type of date, organising things with her is just so easy. Get to know her, I highly recommended you create your own memories, Natalie you are so divine Chris xxx

By Fred
 March 1, 2018 at 5:57 am

Natalie is gorgeous, open-minded, and a perfect companion. Passionate, sassy, experienced, vivacious-adjectives are used up quickly to capture the amazing feelings she brings to the surface. We met in a foreign destination, and she seized the moment, and other things, from the first time she walked into the room we shared. The natural beauty of the tropical surroundings—the sun, the surf, the foliage—all Were enhanced by her presence. She makes whomever she is with appreciative of the finer things in life, what makes life living, what good times can be had. Treasure the moments you are lucky to spend with a Natalie.


By Wayne

 February 21, 2018 at 11:34 am

I have been following Natalie for several months on Scarlet Blue and Twitter.

And the more I read the more I really wanted to meet her.

Then early February Natalie announced her tour to Melbourne.

I then immediately sent Natalie an email, for a dinner date, with a couple of dates.

Natalie responded very quickly. And very quickly the date was locked in. Awesome.

All to Very easily setup. And she was so lovely in her emails.

Next then the long wait… For that date to come around… Lol.

Natalie did send me a couple of lovely emails during the wait.

This certainly added to the anticipation.

Then finally the morning of the date a quick confirmation, all Great.

Because of the busy day I had at work we agreed to meet at the Restaurant.

We both arrived at the restaurant at the same time…

Natalie was very easily spotted approaching the restaurant…

And she looked gorgeous in her black dress… Then my nerves started to kick in. Lol.

Luckily the nerves where gone after a minute or 2…

Had a very quick conversation out front and a kiss, then entered the restaurant…

During the time at the restaurant I found Natalie very lovely, engaging,

there were certainly never any quiet moments. The whole time at the restaurant went so quickly.

I felt it was more like meeting an old friend I have not seen for a long time…

So very happy this finally happened… So Great Company and the food and wine was pretty good to. Lol.

And as for the rest of the evening/night,

all I will say is that, I do so look forward to meeting the Gorgeous, Sexy Natalie again, again and again…

Sooner rather than later.



 December 14, 2017 at 6:04 pm

I will try to keep it short….I said I will try….

I was looking for an exclusive and unique experience with a beautiful lady, and just before quitting my search, the universe helped me to found the perfect girl…her name is Natalie. If I have to describe her in 3 words…She’s smart, funny and beautiful

So, I tested my luck, flicked her an email, and I hit the lotto as our calendars matched, so booked a dinner date that ended up being an overnight.

Communication with her was a breeze, so easy and relax, plus you don’t have to wait days to get a response, which was very nice, btw make sure to follow her on Twitter @nataliejaysydney

I would highly recommend to book her for at least 3 hours, as I believe that a short booking (1 hour) is not long enough to please her.

In summary my experience with Natalie was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I wish I know the words to describe beyond this but just can’t find them.

I will definitely will book her again….and again…and again

Don’t worry guys, her photos are 100% real, (yes, she exists and is even better in person!!)



October 21, 2017 at 11:42 am

I met gorgeous and amazingly sexy Natalie in Melbourne last night on her Melbourne tour. Natalie, thank you so much for your hospitality, and amazing company, you are so sexy, kind and smart. You blew me away in all aspects and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. I forward to meeting you again very soon



 Date published: September 24, 2017 at 12:31 pm

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone for the first time, and feeling that you’ve know them for years? Sitting on the couch, in my hotel, on my first date with Natalie, we chatted and laughed and shared a good red, like old friends. I was so comfortable, I lost track of time, and Nikki had to remind me it was time to go to the bedroom!

Nikki is so beautiful and vivacious, and her body so spectacular, I couldn’t believe my luck in sharing a bed with her. Nikki moves with the confidence and grace of the ballet dancer she was in her youth. She gives herself totally over to the giving and receiving of pleasure. Nikki made me feel like She and I were the only two people on the planet, for that magical time that we were together.

Gentlemen, do yourself a favour, and meet this wonderful woman.



September 24, 2017 at 12:23 pm

Natalie is the ultimate in companionship in all its forms. From the first moment we met, Natalie was totally engaging and on leaving i felt fully rejuvenated – a totally amazeballs time, “thanks” Natalie!



September 10, 2017 at 5:01 pm

With a seemingly endless number of escorts to select from, how do you choose when you are seeking to spend some special time together with someone?

Well if you after a woman that is all natural and an ability to make an immediate connection with you then look no further than Natalie Jay

With an incredible body and a very passionate approach to all things in life you can be assured of an amazing time !!

I met with Natalie Jay for the first time only recently and since then we have had a further 3 meetings – so beware she is addictive !!!

Thanks Natalie – I can’t wait until next time !!!



June 14, 2017 at 11:22 pm

Had an amazing date with Natalie Jay. Date is the right word as it felt more like a Tinder date. Amazing dinner, great conversation followed by drinks and bed room fun. Nikita is a goddess, one of the best bodies I have seen for a long time. She dressed immaculate, is great fun and conversational. We clicked and we laughed a lot. Amazing deep deep kisser and even better blow job. Will see her again. Top woman. Love sexy smart mature ladies like Nikita.



May 12, 2017 at 11:49 pm


Natalie Jay is a goddess!!

As a first time client, I only intended to meet Natalie for a 90 minute drinks date at a bar in the city. Instead, it became 5 hours of mind-blowing love-making.

She is amazing. But be careful. She is a dangerous mix of girlfriend and porn-star experience. She is addictive. When you meet her, it’s obvious she really loves her work and you will be easily taken in by her long blonde hair, blue-eyes and her sexy MILF goddess body.

Natalie Jay thank you baby for a fantastic night! I think I’m addicted … when can I book next time?



May 8, 2017 at 5:46 pm

Being a gentleman who prefers longer booking, dinner dates, overnights and weekends away….Natalie is a breath of fresh air and makes you feel totally relaxed in her presence.

The moment you meet her the conversation just flows and time just disappears, private time is in my opinion is PERFECT, Natalie is addictive so if you are looking for the complete companion then you have found her, I say this from experience as we have travelled together recently.

We have already planned our next adventure……



May 7, 2017 at 6:22 pm

What can I say…there are some women that words cannot describe and Natalie is one of them! Non-judgemental, warm, kind, open minded, conversationalist and the list goes on and on…Great, natural, magnetic body that keeps your eyes and mind stuck on it. Hope to see you again!!!



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