Q: What information do you need from me?

A: Date, time, length of appointment you wish to book and location. I offer incalls or Outcalls whichever you prefer! Incalls are hosted in hotels which I book and a 30% deposit is required for incalls.


Q: How may I contact you?

A: Via SMS or email. It’s difficult to answer phone calls as I also have other work commitments during the day. I would love to speak to you on the phone if you are truly genuine about meeting me for a date. Just simply text and advise me and I will call you as soon as possible.


Q: How should I handle the donation?

A: Please have it available for me within the first 10 minutes, either in an envelope on the bathroom counter or, if we are in public, in a birthday card or envelope.


Q: Why do you ask for deposits?

A: This shows to me that you are truly intending on honoring our booking time and it begins to build the basis of trust that we will share when we are together.

For all first time clients, I ask for a non-refundable deposit of 30% (per hour of time booked) to secure our time together.

Deposits compensate me for the time spent arranging the many aspects of our booking, including communication, preparation and any transport to and from our rendezvous.

In the event that a booking does not take place, deposits are non-refundable and are treated as a cancellation fee. Please contact me to discuss the variety of discreet methods I use to arrange deposits.

Some of my regular clients pay their entire fee in advance as they feel it leaves more time for fun and relaxation together.


Q: How can I pay the deposit?

A: This can be paid by Internet banking into my discreet business account. Or, You can go to a Westpac ATM that accepts cash deposits and place the money into the ATM and punch in my account details. Your description of your payment may be either your name, phone number or today’s date.


Q: How would you like me to dress for our date?

A: Smart casual or formal if we are going out to a nice restaurant. Impeccable hygiene is requested. If you arrive directly from work I request you have a shower to make sure you are squeaky clean and delicious smelling. One thing that I fall for is a man with a fresh soapy smell! Yum!


Q: You have not reciprocated to my message!

A: I’m afraid I shan’t respond to rude, vulgar or unrefined style messages. Communicating and getting to know each other is an important step in assuring that our time together will be enjoyable for both parties.

So, if your initial approach of contact is disinterested or rude, such as a simple “You free?” without even an introduction, I will, in turn, feel unmotivated to respond. I communicate to people with politeness and would love you to do the same with me.


Q: Why don’t you list your services?

A: I don’t feel it’s ladylike citing numerous services and I dislike feeling as if I’m complying with a checklist during our encounter. Although please feel free to discuss your ideas or desires with me.


Q: Would you travel interstate or overseas for an encounter?

A: Yes!! I am an avid traveler and I have been on numerous overseas trips with regular clients. I promise you I am an unequaled travel partner who is relaxed, adventurous and low maintenance. Full payment must be paid before we travel together.

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